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Local Governing Body

Welcome to our Governors’ section. 


Please find below details of how our Governing body is structured, including the names, categories, responsibilities and terms of appointment for each Governor.


Governing Body


Mrs C Dougill, Executive Head Teacher (During Term of Office)


Mr I Smith – Parent Governor (Chair)

As the current Chair of Governors I support the school leadership in delivering excellence in education and experience for the children. My daughter attends Kemble Primary School and we live in Siddington, so I am delighted to be a parent governor for both schools. I worked in the finance sector for 30 years.


Miss J Lloyd – Co-opted Governor

I am proud to be a Governor of Kemble Primary and Siddington CE Primary Schools, a successful federation created to sustain the highest standards of education for the children in our two village schools. Now retired, I enjoyed a career of over thirty years in primary school education.


Mrs T Munro-Warwick - Local Authority Governor

I have been a governor of Kemble school for 11 years (Chair for 2 1/2 years) and am now part of the Siddington and Kemble Local Governing Body. I am a retired teacher, who worked in all phases of education for a total of 25 years. My speciality is Maths and I am pleased to be able to volunteer to help with Maths at both schools. I am also on the Standards and Performance Working Party.


Miss L Elstow: Co-opted Governor

I am proud to be part of the Local Governing Body for Siddington and Kemble Primary Schools, especially as I live in the old Headmaster’s house in Siddington!  I work in emergency management, helping organisations make plans for when the worst happens.  I am enjoying learning more about education, applying my professional skills to the role and getting to be part of the community. I lead the Asset Management Working Party.


Mrs Maisie England - Parent Governor

I moved to Siddington in 2016, joined the governing body in 2017 and am delighted to now be Vice-Chair. Being on the Local Governing Body has given me an opportunity to play a part in my local community and to use my Engineering and Research skills to benefit others. I am also part of the Asset Management Working Party.


Reverend J McKenzie –Foundation Governor (During Term of Office)

Chair of the Ethos Committee


Mrs E Ball – Co-opted Governor


Committees & Working Parties


Standards and Performance        Asset Management        Ethos

Mrs T Munro-Warwick                  Mr I Smith                       Mrs J McKenzie

Mrs C Dougill                                Mrs M England               Mrs C Dougill

Miss J Lloyd                                  Ms L Elstow

Mr I Smith                                     Mrs C Dougill


Clerk to the Governors

Mrs A Merrett


Associate members may vote on any committee where their expertise is sought but not at full governing body meetings.

Governor Attendance

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Governor Attendance 3
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