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How will teaching be adapted for my child with SEND?

All pupils have the right to a broad, balanced and relevant curriculum. All pupils with SEND are taught with their peers in mainstream classes by the class teacher, and study the curriculum appropriate for their needs. All teaching and support staff are aware of the Early Years Foundation Stage Statements and the National Curriculum Statements and in their planning and teaching they strive to:

• Provide suitable learning challenges

• Meet the pupils diverse learning needs

• Remove the barriers to learning and assessment


Teachers match the learning objectives to the needs and abilities of the pupils. They use a range of strategies to develop the pupil’s knowledge, understand and skills. Where appropriate materials are modified or support is provided to enable pupils with SEND to access the learning or the assessment process.


Specific resources and strategies may be used to support your child individually and in groups.


The school acknowledges that its practices make a difference and because of this the school and teachers regularly review issues related to pupils with SEND and classroom organisation, teaching styles and methods, materials and tasks to determine how these can be improved.