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Late/Absence Procedures

If your child is unwell, please email or call the office on 01285 770303 as soon as possible and before 8:30am on the day your child is unwell.  


It is usually appropriate for parents and carers to send their children to school with mild respiratory illnesses. This would include general cold symptoms: a minor cough, runny nose or sore throat. However, children should not be sent to school if they have a temperature of 38°C or above. For further information please reference the NHS ‘Is my child too ill for school?’ guidance here.

All schools within the Corinium Education Trust have high expectations for attendance:

  • The Trust actively promotes and encourages 100% attendance as the ‘norm’.
  • The Trust's objective is to ensure all pupils have access to the fulltime education to which they are entitled.
  • Regular attendance is fundamental to the future success of all our pupils. We expect all pupils to be in school for every session of the school day and every day their schools are open.
  • The Trust defines regular attendance as 97% or above


For a pupil to reach their full potential a high level of school attendance is essential. Research indicates that there is a direct link between under-achievement and attendance below 95%. In contrast, research shows that regular attenders: 

  • Make better progress, both socially and academically;
  • Find school routines, school work and friendships easier to cope with;
  • Find learning more satisfying;
  • Are more successful in transferring between primary school, secondary school, and higher education, employment or training.


Please read our Attendance Policy to find out more: