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Keeping Children Safe during the COVID-19 crisis

Keeping Children Safe during the COVID-19 crisis:

We remain committed to safeguarding children throughout the period of school closure and are following the guidance that has been issued. The full guidance can be accessed here.  Furthermore, we recognise that during this crisis, there may be a significant impact on the mental health of children and families. The Department for Education has recently published guidance that may be helpful for parents to refer to.

We are carrying out risk assessments for all vulnerable children and identifying any pupils who might benefit from support from the school.  We will telephone regularly with families to maintain contact and to offer support. 


If you have any specific concerns about your child’s mental health, wellbeing or safety, please do contact the Safeguarding team.  When school is open a member of the safeguarding team will be available to contact through Kemble School Office ( At other times we can be contacted by email at: