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Our Home Learning During School Closure

On Monday 27th April (week 2 after Easter) all class learning will be moving from this site to Class Dojo. You will receive an invitation email during the week beginning 20th April (week 1 after Easter). This new system will be more child friendly and allow teachers to be able to upload videos and work more effectively. Teachers will continue to respond to messages through this new site on Wednesdays and Fridays 1-3pm. New work for the week will be available by 10am every Monday.

Thank you for all you are doing to support the pupils.

The new work and activities for the week will be set by 10am every Monday. Where possible, children should complete work in their books and be marked by parents with the children. Please remember to always focus on the positives! We appreciate your support with this.

Try to do at least one of these each day!

  • Watch a Numberblocks clip each day at

  • Practise counting up to 20. This can be done through playing hide and seek, singing number songs, chanting, board games etc.
  • Write out the digits 0 - 9.
  • Practise recognising amounts up to five or up to ten by playing games. This can be done by reading a dice when playing board games, playing with cards, identifying how many food items on the plate etc.
  • Sing Number songs to practice counting, reciting numbers in order, one more, one less using number songs: Five Little Ducks, Five Little Men, Ten Green Bottles

Home Learning for English and Topic 30th March-3rd April

Home learning for Oak Class pupils 24th-27th March: English

Home learning for Oak Class; TOPIC

Oak Class Teachers

If you are stuck or have a question with your home learning activities, please use the contact form below to contact one of the class teachers. We will be monitoring this account between 1-3pm every Wednesday and every Friday.