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On Monday 27th April (week 2 after Easter) all class learning will be moving from this site to Class Dojo. You will receive an invitation email during the week beginning 20th April (week 1 after Easter). This new system will be more child friendly and allow teachers to be able to upload videos and work more effectively. Teachers will continue to respond to messages through this new site on Wednesdays and Fridays 1-3pm. New work for the week will be available by 10am every Monday.

Thank you for all you are doing to support the pupils.

The new work for the day will be set by 9am every morning. Where possible, children should complete the work in their new exercise books and it should be jointly marked by parents and children together. Please remember, always focus on the positives!  We appreciate your support with this.

We are aware that children can manage different amounts of work so we are using the MUST, SHOULD COULD suggestions as a guide for some of the English tasks. We hope that all children will complete the section identified as MUST and after that, we will be led by you as parents as to how much of the other activities your children will complete. 

Please don't worry if your child misses some tasks. We know what a difficult time this is for everyone. 

Oxford Owl Reading Resources

We have a class login for this website which has a range of short fiction and non-fiction books for different age ranges.  Please click on 'Oxford Owl for School' and login using the pink "My class login" icon at the top of the page with username: kemblechestnut and password: homereading.

Maths Week 2 Day 5 3-minute times tables challenge (You can either print it out or, if you choose the Word Doc, you can answer on-screen)

Year 5 Maths Week 2 day 5 - Arithmetic mini-test

Year 6 Maths Week 2 day 5 - Arithmetic mini-test

Chestnut Class Teachers

If you are stuck or have a question with your home learning activities, use this contact form to contact one of the class teachers. We will be monitoring the email account and will respond as soon as we can. Please be aware this may not be the same day.

A useful tip is to write the letters out in various different formations; this helps you see different letter strings and is almost guaranteed to help you find more words.  Try writing them in a circle, then re-arrange them a few times.   For a clue to the 9-letter word, click on the link to the PDF below.












POSSIBLE STORY STARTER FOR YOUR "Tuesday" STORY. I have written a few paragraphs to get you going - feel free to edit and improve my version and continue or start from scratch.


Hi everyone, there are some mistakes in the year 5 day 2 maths activity: at the end of the practice sheet (hot) the answers to the challenge questions should be: a) 2.45 and b) 3.49. Also At the end of the "Check your understanding" questions there is a section starting "Sam wrote... the answers should say that 2.49 is closer to and therefore rounds to 2 not 3.

Sorry about this and thank you to Freya and Grace for spotting the mistakes!

Mrs Parmiter

Year 6 maths week 2 day 2

Year 6 maths week 2 day 3

POLYWORD! I found 47 words and have attached all the words I could find (4 letters or longer) . There were two 9 letter words...! Please send me a message on the online form below if you managed to beat me or found any different ones.

Year 5 English Day 5
Year 5 maths day 5
Year 6 English day 5
Year 6 maths day 5

Year 5 English Day 4

Year 6 English Day 4

For task 2, if you can't print out, discuss the apostrophes work with an adult instead.

For the reading and questions: 

MUST complete part A

SHOULD complete part B

COULD complete part C











Year 5 English Day 3

Read this exciting extract (perhaps a couple of times through) then use you imagination to answer the 'unanswered questions'.  There is no right or wrong!  

You can either print the storyboard or draw it out in your exercise book or on separate paper.


French - Learn some of the differerent French speaking countries around the world.

If you can't open the Word doc, here is a PDF of the same map.

Lesson objective: To learn some francophone countries and revise colours.

There are over 50 'francophone' countries (countries where French is spoken) in the world! 

1) Use an atlas or the internet to find the francophone countries named on the attached map.  If you can print the map you can shade them in. (Luxembourg and Monaco are both really small so might be hard to colour!)  

2) Look up the flags and colour them the correct colours. Either draw them in your exercise book and label or colour them on the printed sheet.

Extension: label with the correct colours in French:

Bleu, rouge, blanc, vert, jaune, noir, orange...

Reversible and irreversible worksheet

Year 6 day 2 English

Year 5 day 2 English plus linked afternoon activities

Some of this will be harder to complete without a printer but you can do task 1 and the final part of task 2 (subject, verb or object) in your exercise book. The first two parts of task 2 (complete sentences and Sentence punctuation) can be done as a discussion with an adult at home instead!

For the writing task - you could do a ten minute free write (Harry Potter related if you like)

Year 5 day 1 English plus linked afternoon activities

English Year 5 week 1 day 1

Task 1: after reading The Butterflies story, copy out the lines on the version 1 page and add the adverbials from the original story. e.g. The girl sat on the sofa.

Task 2:

MUST complete adverbial sheet 1

SHOULD complete adverbial sheet 2

COULD complete writing activity (task 3)



design a butterfly template

research Monarch butterflies

origami butterfly (follow video link)



Year 6 day 1 English plus linked afternoon activities

Task 1:

MUST read extract A and complete reading comprehension A

SHOULD read extract B and complete reading comprehension B

COULD read extract C and complete reading comprehension C

Task 2:

Have a go at writing your own howler


Afternoon Activity: Try the fun time extras.